The Summit Financial Planning Process

Sit down one on one with a member of our team to find the financial plan best for youIn our introductory meeting, we speak about your goals, desired time frames for retirement; risk tolerances, objectives and initial plan design options. Our intent is to help you better frame what financial alignment is necessary in order for you to achieve your retirement goals comfortably.

Our follow up meeting is to review your retirement needs analysis report that gives you a visual understanding of 3 crucial insights- what you currently have, what you need to have, and what steps you need to take to achieve your intended goals comfortably. This report is free and yours to keep. It is a solid beginning to your retirement conversation. This meeting is to provide you with accurate and real action points for you to take immediately so that your time and your efforts are maximized in an efficient and effective manner. As a fiduciary, we do not speak in general terms, we speak in specifics and offer deliverables allowing you to take action in precise and measureable ways that only enhance and enable your financial goals to become a reality.

In-between meeting one and meeting two, references are provided and questions and concerns documented and answered completely. This way, you will always feel comfortable in working with us during each step of your plan.

Financial Consultation from Lafayette, Indiana

Summit Financial collects necessary information to find the best financial path for youOur next step in the process, provided you are comfortable in trying our service and support, is to collect all necessary information required to complete the necessary paperwork. This paperwork is required to adhere Summit’s expertise to your financial goals in terms of account access and investment management.

Once your paperwork is completed, we will bring it to you at your convenience for a paperwork completion meeting. This usually takes about 10 minutes and is designed as yet another opportunity for you to ask questions and raise concerns that have not yet surfaced. We will also be present to explain all the paperwork in detail since more than likely; these types of documents are going to be new to you.

Once all the required paperwork is completed and inspected for errors, it is then sent to our back office for another layer of review before being sent to the respective contacts at Fidelity and TIAA-CREF.

Communication with Your Financial Advisor

Once all accounts are established and in place, we will then re-connect to finalize your risk tolerance, desired goals and approach to the markets as well as to present to you our professional thoughts and insights into the current conditions and future concerns pertaining to the markets.

We will set up our maintenance schedule with you in which we reach out to you in the medium you prefer to update you on the progress of your accounts, our thoughts about the conditions and affairs of the markets and allow you opportunity to raise questions and concerns at your convenience.

We tailor our communication frequency, mediums and content to your desired wishes. We are also prepared to conduct an annual audit of your account, if you so wish in order to make relevant the progress of your account and your goals so ensure we are on track or if any adjustments are necessary so that you stay on course.

As a client of a university, you have access to our team and our tools at no additional costs or commitments. Our goal is to provide you will ALL the necessary tools and support you will need to achieve your goals.

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Our systems are designed for early warning and protection from severe storms that would harm your economic condition

In 2007, our systems indicated we leave the markets while others did not and therefore our clients
 did NOT participate in the downturn of 2008-2009

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